Instoll incubates and promotes products and services aligned with both our philosophy and, eventually, with the values and criteria championed by other accountability-focused entities. We are just getting started down the road of curating brands. Ultimately, we want our customers to be relaxed, to enjoy and have a positive experience whenever they are spending their money.

Shopping should be enjoyable

Current Brands

CraveLocally is our latest addition, and will be focused on connecting the dots between tourists and property owners seeking to offer local food, gifts and experiences
MindFuel is all about self improvement, self care, positive energy and the intersection of those topics with current events
Shop’n’Awe is an e-commerce platform which sells items not usually available in the mainstream marketplace
SmartyBeast is a product-hunting blog. Smarty, the mascot for the site, is always out hunting for cool and fun products being sold by other businesses.

Add Your Business

If you’d like Instoll to list your business, we’d like to hear from you. Keep in mind, we are not a carte blanch registry of businesses. We are curating businesses which fit our philosophy. If your business embraces this philosophy or if you have been a customer of a business that embraces this philosophy. . ..

Instoll Value Add

In addition to the warm fuzzies of joining a network of businesses who truly value their customers and the experiences they offer their customers, by adding your business to our register, you can also use (or link to) our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms of Use. By sharing a common approach to these practices, it is less for our customers to read and creates a standardized approach which is easier to utilize.