Origin Story

Original 1980’s Logo

Hi, my name is Henry Doll. Instoll, as a name, was created with my best friend back in grade school. The original name was Instoll Electronics, as we planned on unleashing waves of inventive computerized systems and other technology upon the earth, including a space shuttle designed for extended deep-space travel. When we were 10 that seemed so much more doable… but never say never!

Unfortunately, just before the invention of the internet came to life via mainstream dial-up, my friend passed away, leaving me the sole surviving partner of a venture we had never really started. I’ve since participated in several start-ups, failed and successful (and yes, falling is a part of learning to walk). I’ve even brought entrepreneurial thinking into larger enterprise. These days, this ability is trendily referred to as “intrapreneurship” but, that is a topic for a different day! When I thought about what to name this experimental venture, Instoll seemed to fit all the marks: short, meaningful, catchy and broadly scoped. Done.


Henry T. Doll, Jr

Henry T. Doll, Jr (that’s me!) is a seasoned 9x founder and technologist. I started programming at age 10, engaged the internet when it was invented and I’ve participated in private and public sector adventures across all kinds of technologies. I’ve worked in aerospace, HRIS, e-commerce, large-scale manufacturing, military, emergency management, digital government, just to name some of them. I am currently eying natural resources, agriculture, power, off-grid, longevity science, smart cities, sea-steading and yes, space travel is back on the menu.

If I have learned one thing: I don’t need a title to define myself, but the rest of the business world sure does like a nice heavy-hitting title. Never sell yourself short. That’s why, at Instoll, my title is Commander and Chief of Multiversal Space-Time AI Blockchain Sustainable Diversity Chip Tunes. Rock on.