Origin Story

Instoll, as a name, was created with my best friend back in grade school. The original name was Instoll Electronics, as we planned on unleashing waves of inventive computerized systems and other technology upon the earth, including a space shuttle designed for extended deep-space travel. When we were 10 that seemed so much more doable… but never say never!

Unfortunately, just before the invention of the internet came to life via mainstream dial-up, my friend passed away, leaving me the sole surviving partner of a venture we had never started.

I’ve since participated in several start-ups, failed and successful (and yes, falling is a part of learning to walk). When I thought about what to name this experimental venture, Instoll LLC seemed to fit all the marks: short, meaningful, catchy and broadly scoped. Done.


Henry Doll (that’s a me!) is a seasoned technical veteran, having started programming at age 10, engaging the internet when it was invented and participating in private and public sector adventures across all kinds of technologies. Aerospace, HRIS, e-commerce, large-scale manufacturing, C4ISR, emergency management, digital government and more…it has been quite an amazing ride as I evolved my career from individual contributor, to team lead, project management, program management and currently I am poking around the CxO world. If I have learned one thing: I don’t need a title to define myself, but the rest of the business world sure does like a nice heavy-hitting title. That’s why, at Instoll, my title is Commander and Chief of Multiversal Space-Time. There, top that.

I’m a business person. Maybe it’s because my dad worked for IBM and dressed me up in a three-piece suite as a kid to visit his office. I’ve always loved business machines, asked for a typewriter for my 5th or 6th birthday and as the first computers rolled off the shelves my grandfather got a TI-99/4A (one of the first 16-bit processors ever…hello!!), which I programmed to play and type happy birthday to my mom. I was hooked. I have an unquenchable thirst for learning and being creative, I have enjoyed technology and now I really enjoy the art of efficiency (“quality of experience” as mentioned in the philosophy section). Beyond business, I like to write (surprise), compose music, and I’d like to get back into producing videos/cartoons… but let’s be honest, I really like business. ha-ha.