As time goes on, this section will likely evolve; however the are a few key tenets of business Instoll wants to “bake” into every delicious brand we launch or promote. These tenets are what we mean by “quality of experience”:

Quality of Experience: Let’s start with the capstone. “Value” is an interesting concept. You can shop at IKEA and get a great “value” if you don’t mind shopping in mouse-maze, finding your own inventory in a warehouse, paying additional to get an item delivered, and spending hours assembling things yourself. That’s “value.” Instoll is about “Quality of Experience” – everything should be as easy as we can make it – no hidden agenda, no “surprise you get assemble this yourself”, no “that picture was a suggestion of something but not what you get”. Tho goal here is, if Instoll recommends something: the price and the “something” are it – no resort parking fee, no hidden service fee, no additional bag fees. Now we get that banner ads are small, and companies need to compete often by price, but brands championed by Instoll need to provide value AND walk their customers through exactly what is included in the price – Ideally when advertising, but for certain, during check-out, and definitely well before payment is collected.

Human Contact: AI, automation and self-service are great options – they save businesses money and done right, they save customers on time; however, Instoll recommended brands can be contacted – there are humans that can be reached with minimal effort (navigating a menu that hides the humans is not acceptable), if not at the “free” tier, certainly for customers who have shelled out coin, but preferably both.

PRIVACY!!! Everyone wants their customer’s data. We want you to share whatever information allows us to serve you, but trust that your information is only shared as far as YOU want it to go. In fact, you might have heard the phrase “if you get a service for free, you are not the customer.” Instoll is looking to ramp up services which will NOT be free, but then you WILL be the customer, and your information will belong 100% to you, to share/hide/copy/delete as you please.  And Instoll endeavors to recommend brands who respect your privacy and don’t share your information any further than is “medically” needed to complete your transaction or provide the service you have ordered.

Experimentation: Instoll is an experiment, we are gathering and promoting brands based on personal taste. We value our customers being able to painlessly experiment as well…make sure they like something and be able to return or cancel things they don’t like. To that end, Instoll intends to offer “as easy as possible” paths to try out products and services, allow for easy returns/cancellation and to keep things a la carte or pay-as-you-go with no contracts.

Valuing Loyalty: Instoll wants to offer a real loyalty program, but this is still in the works. Not one that is used to track its customers. A program that, if a customer chooses, allows them to share their proofs of purchase with Instoll across all our brands so we can say,”wow, thank you, here is a reward program that actually does something.” It might be a little while before our venture is ready to put this program together, but it is on the radar.