A2 Hosting – The First Brand

OK, so I intended to have Gandi be the first brand, but there are some more details to work through. A2 Hosting, as our hosting provider, hit all the marks of a brand. Remember the “Just for men” tag line – “I’m not only the President, I’m a customer!” Same goes here. In building Instoll, I have personally vetted a ton of different providers, so the providers that knock it out of the park will get recommended as an Instoll brand, and A2 Hosting is fantastic. Not only does their platform help automate all kinds of hosting functions so you can try out various platforms, but they have customer optimizations and added capability that makes securing your site a lot easier.

And this is the “post before the storm.” I haven’t actually taken steps to do promotional work, but that is the goal… to share all the great service providers with potential customers who can benefit from their services and to also offer consulting to customers who need a little extra help putting the details of their business models together so they too can offer “quality of experience” to THEIR customers.

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